Read Arktel to your kids at bedtime. Ask them what how they feel about it.
Educate yourself about what is going on on our planet and talk to your kids about it. Involve them in making better choices for our Earth.
Next time you go to the beach with your kids, pick up ocean trash and make little sculptures together. See who can collect the most rubbish.
Donate a copy of Arktel to your local library and/or school.
Encourage your kids to form teams at school to help our Earth like they did in Arktel. Focus on local issues.
Tell your adult friends, environment groups and neighbours about Arktel - share widely. Help start a REVOLUTION!
Let us know what your kids are doing. They might win a prize. Each week the best contribution wins a prize.
Mums + Dads

ALL Life is precious!



Below are ideas of how you can help your kids.

Why should you help them get involved?

  1. * Because you love your kids and grandkids and want them to grow up in a clean and beautiful world like you did and to have a future

  2. * To help them feel empowered to make a difference

  3. * You love this Earth. And so do your kids!

  4. * You love all creatures that live on Earth. And so do your kids!

  5. * It’s fun to make a difference

  6. * It helps you bond with your children doing something together that is meaningful

  7. * What could be more important?

Get in the Media    
Contact your local newspaper, radio or TV station and tell them what you are doing with your kids and why. This will inspire other adults to do the same.
Share your thoughts with us. We’d love to hear from you!
Donate prizes for our weekly competitions
Introduce changes in your home as they did in Arktel. Stop using chemicals, eat a plant-based diet, use energy-efficient appliances,  consume less resources. Live simply. Help your neighbours.  Value life over money.