About the Book

This book is about three planets: Tarjez, Arktel and Earth. On planet Tarjez, we fast forward to what could happen if we keep going the way we are on Earth i.e. total destruction.

Children from Arktel witnessed the destruction of Tarjez and decided to take action because they saw similar trends happening in their world that could lead to Arktel’s destruction.


The children accomplished this huge task by making teams within their schools all across Arktel, acknowledging the problems facing them and brainstorming for solutions that either they could implement or that they could request councils and governments to implement. They also demanded a complete change of world government, and an end to corruption and greed.

Most importantly, they changed their attitudes away from using up more and more of their finite resources; from the idea that they ‘owned’ the planet, to one of respect and living in harmony with all creatures. They understood that a world full of many species of plants and animals is a healthy planet for people to live on too.

When they succeeded, they came to planet Earth where there was still a chance to turn things around and told the children of Earth how children of Arktel had saved their world, giving them the blueprint to save Earth.


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Unfortunately, children won’t have a future it they don’t save our planet because the adults are too busy with looking after their families, going to work to save it, and so it’s up to the kids.


The CEOs of corporations, big business, governments and councils causing all the problems of environmental destruction all have children they love. If those kids were to say to their parents “Mum, Dad, please don’t destroy our world or I won’t have a future!” there is a better chance of them listening than if another adult is campaigning for the same changes.

Children have the most power to influence adults with their innocent and open hearts. If they start to bring the changes needed into their homes, the adults will follow. And that is how, slowly, slowly, the planet will be saved.

In Arktel, the children researched all the changes that needed to be made but luckily, they are all changes that need to be made on Earth too. Therefore kids can use this book as a kind of model on how to go about saving the Earth.

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