Linda True-Arrow has skilfully portrayed children on planets Tarjez and Arktel. She has woven the story into her characters’ facial expressions and made what could be thought of as a science fiction story into a story that could indeed be real.

She is a vision artist, designer and illustrator. Coming from a family of artists, she felt a natural magnetism to all things creative. She studied art throughout her schooling and continued this path studying Design Arts in South Australia. This led to her previous and present artistic endeavors including illustrations for children’s books and adult non-fiction books such as ‘The Reiki Bridge’ by Peter George.

Design in many other forms such as gift cards, post cards, t-shirt designs, posters and other signage have increased and benefited Linda’s experience, as well as numerous commissions for personal art works.

Linda works in a variety of mediums depending upon the project being undertaken, and as a vision artist she receives the vision, then she re-creates that image in the appropriate form or medium. Her inspiration is drawn from all things seen and unseen and her intent as an artist/illustrator is to inspire and sow seeds of deep thought.

Linda currently lives in northern New South Wales, Australia with her husband Stephen and son Benjamin. She can be contacted at:

P.O. Box 3124

Uki, NSW, 2484

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Illustrations (c) 2009 Linda True-Arrow

Journey with her through the magnificent sketches that bring this story to life .... click on illustration below to view slideshow.