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  1. -What are you doing to help the planet

  2. -How old are you

  3. -Send us pictures of you and/or your friends helping the Earth

  4. -How many kids/adults are helping you

  5. -Did your local newspaper do an article on you

  6. -Do you have a website

  7. -Did the children on Arktel inspire you

Next prize

  1. -A free copy of Arktel, the Planet Only Children Could Save

Ellelle and Rotaahr looked out the window of their father’s flying saucer. Below was Tarjez, the most beautiful planet in their galaxy.

But the forces of evil had been busily destroying the majesty of this planet, leaving only one small child alive to watch the bitter end.

Devastated, they begged their father to rescue Janos - but it was too late. Tarjez exploded leaving them no choice but to flee for their lives.

Would Ellelle and Rotaahr learn how to protect their home planet Arktel from the same evil forces threatening to destroy them?

Or was it too late?

A surprise ending and an important message to all the children of planet Earth.

If kids bring the changes that need to happen into their homes and ‘walk the talk,’ they will create a powerful movement for the change we need to see, right here.

ARKTEL empowers children by giving them a blueprint to follow.

Help the children start a peaceful revolution to save our Earth. Give your child, and all the children, a future!

Read Arktel and be inspired to help save our

Blue-Green Planet!